Top 20 Free Article Submission Sites List 2021: Check Top 10 Do Follow Article Submission lists & More!

What Is Article Submission?

Article Submission is among the off-page search engine optimization methods. Even after the new search engine optimization upgrades, article submission is an excellent off-page search engine optimization trick to accomplish quality backlinks to your site or blog. Article Submission is outstanding for not only getting quality backlinks but also offers plenty of benefits.

Article submission in SEO provides two types of link do-follow or no-follow; some good article writing sites gives do-follow; some provide you with no-follow. Article directory becomes nowadays very common; this is the oldest & straightforward means of SEO. Article directory submission looks like effortless submission.

Importance of Article Submission Sites?

Article Submission Site: Content is the heart of marketing today for article sites. Without strong content, it is impossible to draw people’s attention to article websites no matter what the product is. The same thing applies to your online business and even your blog. When you start your blog, you face many challenges, and a page visit is one of them. The only way to get more audience is by enhancing the blog quality and maybe even promoting your blog, but both these things require one major important thing: content.

Top 10 Free Do Follow Article Submission Sites list

Article Submission Sites NameDomain AuthorityPage Authority

Best 20 Article Submission Sites 2021


Benefit of Article Submission Sites

  • Given that most article submission websites are free, there is no big cost involved in creating additional traffic. Article submission has always been an effective SEO technique.
  • By submitting articles to top article submission sites creating long-term backlinks from high PR sites are pretty easy. This fosters a better relationship with readers and makes blogs very popular.
  • Using article submission websites, list bloggers can create lots of backlinks that may go viral if the content is high-quality.

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